Ear Infection

Feeling under the weather is never an enjoyable experience, especially if it includes an ear infection. Luckily, your ear, nose and throat doctor can help you find relief from your ear infection and its symptoms to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Learn more about ear infections and how your doctor can help with Alaska Sinus Center in Anchorage, AK.

What is an ear infection?

 Known medically as otitis media, an ear infection occurs when the middle ear becomes inflamed due to bacteria or viruses and fluid, like pus or mucus, begins building up inside the ear. An ear infection often occurs alongside another illness like a respiratory infection, a common cold or the flu. Ear infections are notorious for plaguing children and babies, but can occur in adults as well.

The Symptoms of an Ear Infection 
An ear infection produces symptoms including:

  • mild to severe ear pain
  • drainage from the ear
  • fever
  • trouble sleeping vomiting
  • (in babies) pulling on the ears
  • popping in the ears
  • trouble hearing
  • dizziness

You should contact your doctor if you or your child do not respond to home treatments, the pain gets worse with home treatment, the ear infection accompanies a high fever or you see pus or blood drain from the ear. Seek immediate medical attention if you or your child has very severe pain or the ear infection appears alongside a high fever and stiff neck.

Ear Infection Treatment in Valdosta, GA

Ear infection treatment usually begins at home with plenty of rest. Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help relieve pain and bring down a fever. You may also apply a warm washcloth to the ear to help relieve pain. However, if an ear infection does not respond to home treatment, you will require your doctor’s help. You may receive prescription ear drops or antibiotics to help clear the infection. Your doctor may suggest placing tubes into the ears or surgery in severe cases of chronic ear infections.

For more information on ear infections and their treatments, please contact your ear, nose and throat doctors at Alaska Sinus Center in Anchorage, AK.