Finding The ENT Doctor For You In Anchorage, AK

How your ear, nose, and throat doctors in Anchorage, AK, can help you.

An ear, nose, and throat specialist is an important part of your healthcare team. It’s equally important to find an ENT specialist who you trust, and who stays current on all of the latest techniques. You want an ENT specialist who is close to home.

Dr. Creed Mamikunian and Dr. E. Ritter Sansoni at Alaska Sinus Center in Anchorage, AK, offer comprehensive ENT services to help you.

An ENT doctor is much more specialized than a general doctor. ENT specialists are experts at diagnosing and treating conditions and diseases of your ears, nose. and throat. They can diagnose and treat:

  • Ear infections in both adults and children; antibiotic medications are the first line of treatment for ear infections.
  • Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears; ENT specialists may share treatment with an otolaryngologist, to provide the best possible outcome for this condition.
  • Hearing loss in adults and children; your ENT specialists offer a wide variety of hearing aids and other treatments to help you hear better.
  • Seasonal, indoor, and outdoor allergies; your ENT specialist can do allergy testing and prescribe allergy injections, or sublingual immunotherapy to help you get relief from allergy symptoms.
  • Asthma in both adults and children; short-term rescue inhalers and long-term medications are prescribed to give you relief that lasts, so you can breathe better.
  • Sleep apnea; A CPAP machine is an excellent solution to provide a continuous flow of oxygen while you sleep.
  • Sinus infections; antibiotics may be recommended for an occasional sinus infection. If you have chronic sinus infections, your ENT specialist may recommend balloon sinuplasty to open sinus passages so you can breathe better.

Ear, nose, and throat issues can make you miserable, but your ENT specialist can help. One simple phone call can start you on the path toward better health, and easier breathing.

To find out more about how an ENT doctor can help you, call Dr. Creed Mamikunian and Dr. E. Ritter Sansoni of Alaska Sinus Center in Anchorage, AK, at (907) 563-6673. Call today.