Signs of an Ear Infection

If you or your child are experiencing an ear infection, Dr. Creed Mamikunian and Dr. E. Ritter Sansoni at Alaska Sinus Center in Anchorage, AK can help.

What causes an ear infection?

An ear infection is caused by fluid building up inside the ear. A virus or bacteria can cause mucus to build up, and the middle ear becomes inflamed. Ear infections are most common in children and babies but affect adults too, and often occur alongside another illness like a respiratory infection.

Because ear infections normally occur with another illness, preventing ear infections starts with making sure children are up to date on vaccinations. Smoking and secondhand smoke also increase the risk for an ear infection to develop, so avoid smoking. If you do get an ear infection, come see us at Alaska Sinus Center for help.

What are the signs?

The most common signs of an ear infection are:

  • ear pain (mild to severe)
  • fever
  • trouble hearing
  • fussiness/ irritability (babies)
  • pulling on ears (babies)

Signs the infection has gotten severe are:

  • hearing loss
  • puss or drainage from the ear
  • pain lasting longer than 2-3 days

What can I do?

Ear infections can be painful. Call us at Alaska Sinus Center right away for treatment. If your child has an ear infection and is in pain, there are a few things you can do before you see your doctor:

  • rest
  • drink extra fluids
  • take over-the-counter painkillers

Sometimes an ear infection can clear up on its own, which is why rest and fluids are important. You may or may not need antibiotics to get rid of an ear infection. Your doctor may prescribe you ear drops but ask you to wait 2-3 days to apply them, to see if the infection does clear up. Dr. Creed Mamikunian and Dr. E. Ritter Sansoni at Alaska Sinus Center in Anchorage, AK are here to help if you or your child has an ear infection.